Dzoraghbyur Green Learning Center

Green Training Center was established in 2015. Green Lane NGO giving importance to the practical training and mutual exchange visits of the beneficiaries supported the establishment of Green Training Center. It is a unique model of sustainable farm  that offers broad opportunities of educational and consultancy services, exchange visits  for farmers, students, specialists, researchers and those who are interested in agriculture as well.   

Our mission

Our mission is to help the farmers to improve and stabilize the production of agricultural production, putting into practice and dissemination of green technologies and environmental ideas, assessment and usage of tourism potential in the region, community commensurate development, economic empowerment of women and youth. Also, demonstrate the application effectiveness of green technologies in public and business areas with their own exampleIn the Green Training Center the biggest harvest festival of rural life and traditions in Armenia is organized.

Farmers in the center

We provide theoretical and practical knowledge for our beneficiaries and partners through trainings giving appropriate tools for efficient cultivation of organic crops, processing and marketing. The center is full furnished and secured with appropriate equipment for hosting the trainees. During the trainings they obtain skills, knowledge and capacities related to organic, sustainable and smart agriculture.

Sustainable farm

The space for practical trainings and demo plot forms almost 1.5 ha.This includes an orchard, dozens of raised vegetable beds, a Lemonarium (greenhouse for growing citrus), and a covered patio. More than 100 crops are cultivated for demonstration purposes, taking into consideration climate compatibility and soil requirements.  In the center are grown traditional and non traditional crops, fruit trees, vegetables, berries, greens, herbs and decorative plants. Drip irrigation is installed as well as anti-hail system and other means, which raise the effectiveness of GREEN farm more.

Center area, plants

Mixed sow, crop rotation, mulching, new, unknown for the farmers climate-adapted and other effective technologies are applied. Only secure and non toxic means are used for the pest and disease control of the plants. The soil is fertilized only with organic means, which are prepared on the spot. Spaces for compost and biohumus production are established, where agricultural and farm wastes are processed.

Solar panels

There is an effective energy system of 40 KWT equipped with solar water heaters to provide constant hot water, photovoltaic panels to support electricity consumption and a solar dryer to dry and preserve the various fruits and vegetables grown on site, tea plants and herbs for long term storage.

Guest house

The Green Training Center is located about 12 km from Yerevan (from Abovyan park) in the small village of Dzoraghbyur. The distance from Yerevan to the center is 10 km.
The 2-story building onsite is 320 m2, and has 8 bedrooms where at least 16 people (training participants/students) can stay at a time. In the space there are other wooden buildings where 10 people can stay.
The building is comfortable, full with up-to-date furniture including the bathrooms and the kitchen. In the kitchen every day healthy food is prepared from the vegetables grown in the center. The first floor of the building is used for conducting presentations and conferences on agriculture, environment and other related topics.


Lemonarium of the Green Training Center, where events are held, is also intended for rent. If you wish to organize a conference, workshop, external session, celebration or other event Lemonarium hosts 80 people. There is a comfortable space adjacent to the center for organizing festivals equipped with gorgeous wooden cottages. We have various packages including food and beverage services.
In the Green Training Center the biggest harvest festival of rural life and traditions in Armenia is organized.

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18 Banaki , Dzoraghbyur, Kotayk, Armenia

Hovq in Dilijan

In 2021 Green Training Center founded its first sub-branch in Dilijan consolidated community, Tavush region. The center is a unique model of smart agriculture, which offers services for individuals and organizations who are interested in education, consultancy, mutual exchange visits, event organization and more related to agriculture, environment and tourism.    

The space of the center consists of buildings for training and hospitality, wooden cottages intended for accommodation and demo plots full of innovative technologies. 


During its short life, multiple training on sustainable agriculture, agro-tourism, social entrepreneurship, greenhouse management including tours, festivals and exchange visits were carried out for women, youth and farmer groups, members of different NGO-s and beneficiaries of projects.


The Economy

The center has a demo plot adjacent to the building full of innovative technologies, where more than 150 varieties of vegetable, green, non-traditional crops are growing. The visitors during the visit might be introduced to the advantages of anti-hail system, drip irrigation, sprinkler system, composting and other methods and application. Besides, in the center is produced and sold the seeds of wild plants famous in the region. The purpose is the dissemination of the new species and usage in the food.


The distance of the center from Yerevan is 120 km, from Dilijan 22 km, from Ijevan 10 km, from Vanadzor 58 km, from Gyumri 120 km. The center can host 19 guests, from which 3 are intended for families (for three persons), 10 guests can stay in 5 wooden fairytale cottages.
The building is comfortable, full with up-to-date furniture including bathroom and kitchen. Every day healthy food is prepared from the organic and non-traditional vegetables grown in the center. The first floor and the wooden building adjacent to the cottages are served for conducting trainings, discussions, conferences and cooperative events.

Organize your next event in green training center

The center is intended for rent, besides, it is a space for conducting thematic events. If you wish to hold your conference, workshop, team meetings or other events in an environment near nature then the room of the center is the best choice for you. In the center is organized the annual pumpkin festival. To obtain more information about Pumpkin festival please visit EVENT PAGE.

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