Green Training Center was established in 2015 through a partnership between Green Lane Agricultural Assistance NGO and Green Life LTD. The Center is a unique model of an organic farm that offers educational and research opportunities to farmers and students.

Listed below are the services we provide:

Consultancy in sustainable and organic agriculture


Sale of seeds, saplings, books

Offline and
online trainings

Development and publication of educational and advisory materials

Implementation of scientific and research projects

Development of investment projects and assistance for implementation

Event organization – round tables, conferences, exhibitions and festivals

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We provide theoretical and practical knowledge through our trainings, giving our beneficiaries and partners the tools needed to grow organic food crops successfully. The center is fully equipped and furnished to host participants and guests for stays ranging from a few days to a few weeks, while they learn organic, sustainable, and smart farming practices.
Traditional and non-traditional crops, fruit and nut trees, berries, salad greens, medicinal herbs, and even ornamental plants are grown onsite. A drip irrigation system is in place, as well as anti-hail nets, and other productive cultivation methods that increase the efficiency of a small organic farm.
Mixed sowings, crop rotation, mulching, and other technologies new to farmers in Armenia are practiced. Only safe, non-toxic technologies are used for pest and disease control.
The soil is fertilized only with organic fertilizers, which are produced locally, onsite. Compost and bio-humus production areas have been established by recycling agricultural and household wastes.

An efficient energy system is in place, complete with a solar dryer for preserving the various fruits grown onsite, photovoltaic panels to supplement electricity consumption, and solar water-heating panels to provide hot showers.

Lodging at the Green Training Center

The Green Training Center is located about 12 km from Yerevan in the small village of Dzoraghbyur. Driving between Yerevan and Dzoraghbyur can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes.
The 2-story building onsite is 320 m2, and has 8 bedrooms where at least 16-20 people (training participants/students, farmers) can stay at a time. All of the features and furnishings of the building are modern and up-to-date, including the bathrooms and the kitchen, where food grown (organic farm) onsite is prepared daily.
The first floor of the building is also used for presentations and workshops on agricultural, environmental, and other related topics.

Have Your Next Event at the Green Training Center!

The Green Training Center’s Lemonarium, which doubles as an event venue, is available to rent. Whether you want to organize a conference, workshop, seminar, retreat, or celebration, our facility can accommodate 70-80 people. We have several different packages available, including food and beverage service.

Contact Us About Planning Your Visit!

The Green Training Center offers the opportunity to study organic farming year-round. Rather than having a set schedule of training courses, workshops and exchange visits, we work with our potential participants to design custom curricula based on the desired learning outcomes.
Please email us at with your general inquiries about the Green Training Center, and ask us what we can do for you. Our knowledge and expertise cover a wide range of topics in organic, sustainable, and smart agriculture, and we look forward to discussing the details of your visit when you contact us.


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