About the Green Training Center

Established in 2015 through a partnership between Green Lane Agricultural Assistance NGO and Green Life LTD, the Green Training Center is a unique model of an organic farm that offers educational and research opportunities to farmers and students, as well as anyone who is interested in agriculture.

We provide theoretical and practical knowledge through our trainings, giving our beneficiaries and partners the tools needed to grow organic food crops successfully. The center is fully equipped and furnished to host participants and guests for stays ranging from a few days to a few weeks, while they learn organic, sustainable, and smart farming practices.

The area of practical trainings and experimental demonstrations is about 2,800 m2. This includes an orchard, dozens of raised vegetable beds, a lemonarium (greenhouse for growing citrus), and a covered patio. About 70 crops are cultivated for demonstration purposes, taking into consideration climate compatibility and soil requirements.

Traditional and non-traditional crops, fruit and nut trees, berries, salad greens, medicinal herbs, and even ornamental plants are grown onsite. A drip irrigation system is in place, as well as anti-hail nets, and other productive cultivation methods that increase the efficiency of a small organic farm.

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